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We are specialize in cellphones and accessories wholesale & retail.

 GSM handset for T-Mobile, AT&T.

 Fully flashed CDMA for Crecket:

 BlackBerry 8130, Motorola V3, Motorola V9, Motorola L7 Mototola Q and Q9,
 Motorola KM1, Samsung, Nokia, LG VX 9700 and VX 8800, LG AX145, LG AX260 .
All of the most popular  cell phone accessories :

         Leather Cases and Pouches

Faceplate and skin cover

Home Charger

Car Charger and AC-DC adepter





We unlock all types of Cell phones, Please call us on (901) 744-6884 for any question you have and we will be glad to answer.